Services for Lobbyists

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Services for Lobbyists

There is an expectation for lobbyists to be subject matter specialists in the policy areas of their clients. This can become a significant challenge for lobbyists representing a wide range of industries and issue areas. We are here to help by offering a suite of services tailored for lobbyists, their clients and others engaged in the political system.

Our commitment to all our clients is that we will pursue opportunities to enhance and improve the accuracy of information shaping contemporary policy debates. For many of our clients, this focus is in the legislative and regulatory areas of state and local taxes. Since we are clued in to virtually every tax debate in Oregon and monitor activities in other states, we bring access to vital information to help shape the debates in Oregon.

You may be asking yourself why a lobbyist would provide access to valuable policy information to other lobbyists. The answer is deeply rooted in the philosophy of our firm that informed policy debates improve the outcome of public policy for all, and we are committed to improving the access to information throughout the political community.

If you find yourself interested in specific policy research, regular briefings or assistance explaining the technical components of a given policy, or support addressing policy developments, we are here to help.

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