About Peak Policy

About Peak Policy

Peak Policy is the only public and government affairs consultancy in Oregon specializing in state and local tax advocacy, policy, and controversy. We have a long and successful track record assisting businesses of all sizes and sectors. We regularly work with business chambers and trade associations, supporting their ability to navigate and communicate the nuances of tax policy with their members, elected officials, and the public. Our specialty is leveraging our intimate understanding of contemporary policy issues with our expertise in navigating the political process to prevail in a challenging political environment.

Why Our Clients Choose Peak Policy

It is simple, trust. Our clients turn to us because of our innate understanding of their unique policy issues and reputation of tirelessly fighting for their interests.

We approach every project with the understanding that their lobbying is about much more than making an argument; it is about making the right argument and implementing targeted, fully-integrated strategies to succeed in a difficult political environment.

We realize the amount of trust our clients place in us to be their representative to the legislature and regulatory bodies, and we are committed to advancing and protecting their interests in the highest ethical manner.

Jeff Newgard, Principal & Owner

Jeff has been shaping tax, healthcare and business policy for more than a decade. He brings to our clients a unique ability to identify policy opportunities, develop and implement advocacy strategies, and leverage relationships with policymakers and staff to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients.

Through his experiences, Jeff draws on his years in the legislature to combine his technical understanding of complicated policy matters with his knowledge of the legislative process. He has a special talent for translating dense issues into plain language for elected officials and others to articulate the real-world impact of policy decisions.

Jeff and his wife, Natalie, live in Tigard, Ore., with their daughter and two Australian Shepherds. In his spare time, he is an avid amateur astrophotographer.

Published Works

We regularly work with local and national outlets, including trade publications, to raise attention to important policy issues. These are some of our favorite articles.

Bills for Raising Revenue: Whittling Oregon’s Supermajority Requirement
In this article, the authors discuss Oregon's supermajority requirement for legislative tax increases.
Unweirding Portland, Part 2: Uniformity as a Remedy for Complexity
Dobay and Newgard examine the challenges taxpayers and practitioners face navigating the Portland, Oregon, area’s local income taxes.
Oregon needs a game plan for economic growth
Oregon is one of only a few states to not at least seriously consider a pro-growth economic strategy
Unweirding Portland’s Targeted Tax Regime
In this article, the authors argue that targeted tax regimes in the Portland, Oregon, region are overly complex.
Oregon CAT Part II: Fixes Still Needed to Ease Administration
There remain critical obstacles that, if not addressed through legislation, will fester in audits and appeals for years.